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Equal Opportunity

The CRC 392 is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where differences in mindset, physical ability, gender and social background are enriching and allow for new ideas and experiences. An inclusive and diverse community where everyone is valued and heard is essential also for innovative and insightful research. We aim to actively support and promote diversity in science and to overcome systemic barriers for those underrepresented in science.

gender equality

In academia, the underrepresentation of women scientists in leadership positions is a well-known fact. At CRC 392, we believe that it is highly crucial to take measures especially at the early career stages to tackle this gender disparity. As a research center which hosts many early career researchers from undergraduates to early career principle investigators within its structure, the CRC 392 has the perfect position to contribute to the improvement of the gender equity and diversity in its subject areas.

For this purpose, under the regulations of German Research Foundation (DFG), the CRC 392 provides financial support to its members through three different categories:

Career Promotion

To better prepare the female scientists for the competitive job market, following activities are supported by CRC 392:

  • attendance to mentoring programs
  • attendance to transferable skill, management workshops, etc.
  • individual career coaching
  • attendance to networking, career development, coaching events, etc.
  • start-up funding of short term scholarships to promising female post-doctoral fellows
  • promotion of female guests and speakers
  • access to role models and mentors


Diversity Issue

To increase the awareness in diversity related issues and to provide support to those who suffer from the consequences of discrimination and abuse, the CRC 392 takes the following measures:

  • organization and promotion of workshops/seminars with the focus on topics such as bias, stereotypes, diversity, gender equity etc.
  • coaching and counseling to the individuals who have to overcome systemic barriers
  • promotion of awareness initiatives
  • regular surveys within the network for situation analysis to take specific actions


Family Support

To assist the researchers with family responsibilities the CRC 392 complements the offers of the host institutions by ensuring or providing:

  • family friendly working hours
  • advice and information about daycare, family support etc.
  • childcare during research trips and emergency
  • home office equipment for researchers with family duties
  • attendance to workshops on career with family
  • student/technical assistants to relieve the load from routine tasks
  • platform for networking and exchange among parents